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ADOLESCENT PUPPY (6 - 12mths old)

Are you looking to work through some 'teenage' puppy issues?  Did your training get a kickstart but you are needing to re-visit some basic skills and re-gain that connection?

Adolescent Kickstarter

To be used within 6 months of sign up


1 x Puppy Connect 

2 x Private Lessons 

1 x 4-Part Workshop 

==> Total Value - $775

Total Cost:  $710

New To You Puppy

To be used within 6 months of sign up

1 x Puppy Polite  OR Puppy Connect 

1 x Private Lesson

2 x Once-Off Workshops

==> Total Value - $481

Total Cost:  $435

Training Packages Terms and Conditions:

1. You, the puppy’s owner, is responsible for booking your puppy into the programs and sessions of your Training Package using our online booking system or calling K9 Connect on 9886 7768.

2. Items are not transferrable to other goods and services (without discussion with K9 Connect).

3. Not transferrable to other pets / owners.

4. Can be used at any facility where K9 Connect conduct training programs.

5. Dog must fit the appropriate age bracket for the relevant class.  Call K9 Connect to discuss if unsure.

6. If classes are missed and / or a course is not used prior to expiration then that class / course is forfeited and no refunds.


Are you after just a single program or session?

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