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Our workshops are designed to help you focus and continue your training with K9 Connect.  We offer both "Once Off" workshops (a single class) and a multi-session workshop (4 part or 6 part course).  

Depending on what you are looking for, our workshops can focus on basic skills, such as Loose Leash walking, Boisterous dogs and Puppy Socialisation to Tricks, pre-performance classes and Rally. 

Most of our workshops are not age specific.  So long as your puppy is fully vaccinated and has a basic understanding of sit / drop and wait, then they can participate. We have had 3 - 4 month old puppies complete our Rally or Pre-Performance classes and love it!  

They are a great way to focus your training on a specific skill or keep things fresh whilst you wait for your next favourite class to start up!

If you have booked a package, this page is where you will find your upcoming classes relevant to your package. 

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