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During the Pandemic in 2020, we were forced to put so much of our amazing classes to an online platform.


  We had such a huge success with these courses as a compliment to what we already run, we have kept them open for all to use throughout the year. 


At K9 Connect, we want to ensure that our quality and delivery of training is maintained to our usual high standard.  If this is your first time joining an online training classroom - welcome!  Here's a brief overview of how it will work:


  • Most of our programs run for 4 - 8 weeks.  They have eight lots of notes; or four lots of notes with four live feeds.

  • New modules are unlocked each week.

  • Q & A, via a Facebook Group with your trainers.

  •  ALL participants have the opportunity to upload and receive feedback of their training sessions with their dog from their trainer/s.  We ask that videos be limited to 3 minutes per week.

  • We want to provide a caring  dog training and connecting community to help you actively train and engage with your dog. 

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