Online Courses

With the current situation of the world throughout COVID19, we have taken our amazing classes to an online platform.  While this was to be something that we were planning to deliver in a year or two, we have moved the programs forward due to the concern and need for society to engage in social distancing practices.  

When working with our pets - this can also impact them - for young puppies and being able to socialise them, to our active adult dogs and how to keep them entertained and maintain their training. 

At K9 Connect, we want to ensure that our quality and delivery of training is maintained to our usual high standard.  If this is your first time joining an online training classroom - welcome!  Here's a brief overview of how it will work:

  • Most of our programs run for 4 - 8 weeks.  They have eight lots of notes; or four lots of notes with four live feeds.

  • New modules are unlocked each week.

  • Q & A, via a Facebook Group with your trainers.

  • ALL participants have the opportunity to upload and receive feedback of their training sessions with their dog from their trainer/s.  We ask that videos be limited to 3 minutes per week.

  • We want to provide a caring  dog training and connecting community to help you actively train and engage with your dog. 

We are confident that our online courses will go above and beyond, ensuring that we can deliver the same quality of service during this difficult time. 

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Designed to compliment our Power Up Pup Course - Ideal for Puppies 8wks - 20wks

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$85 for 8 weeks access

Please call 0499 773 882




0407 554 200


for any enquiries!


Or email us at 


Recharging Charlie

Are you looking for a FUN Beginners Obedience class?

Have you just adopted a dog? 

Are you looking for a fun and engaging class to focus on building a relationship and training trust with your new family member?


Is your dog a little unsure of their new surroundings?  Do you need some help to get them to settle in and socialise to your family and household.

Unsure how to keep your dog engaged and trained during this social isolation period? 


 This course is ideal for dogs over 9mths of age

This course will focus on building on your beginning stages of training (sit, drops and stands) and developing these skills into some wonderful manners for your pooch!

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$120 for 8 weeks


Racy Recalls

Are you struggling with a reliable recall in todays world where intermingling with other pet owners and their dogs is not the social norm? Is your dog going stir crazy from all their time on leash?

Is that ENTHUSIASTIC recall something that your dog once had but has since gone on vacation? 

K9 Connect is here to help you get that spring back into your recalls!  Come and join our class for some fun.


$80.00 for 4 Weeks 

(Working Spot)

**Please note - this course is best delivered with our Crates are Great component**

**This course is run with 3 x weeks of module learning followed by a 4th week of Q & A Live feed with your trainers**

Kinta Heel.png

Beginners Rally

Taking this course online - teaching you the ins and outs of Rally Obedience.  


We will start from the start - getting to know the signs from Novice and Advanced, practicing each station.

A basic understanding of general obedience is preferred (sit, drop etc)


$140.00 for 8 Weeks 

(Working Spot)

$80.00 for 8 Weeks

(Auditing Spot)


Social Hour

Keep Connected with your dog through training!

Want to be part of a fun online community?!

Weekly Tips, Tricks and Training Ideas to keep your pooch energised and engaged!

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=>> starts as soon

as you join up

$100.00 for 8 weeks 


Beginners Tricks!

We have had our 3 day tricks seminar, but now is the time to bring the TRICKS to your lounge room! 

Come and join us for some serious tricky business - giving you a taste into the wonderful world of positive training, bond building and skill. 

We are all about training YOU and the dog - so be prepared for some fun and games with both you and your dog - we know you are going to LOVE it. 

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$120 for 8 weeks

twist dumbell.JPG

Beginning Competition Obedience

Excited to release our huge popular Beginning Competition Obedience course online! 

We will take you through the basics, foundation building for a focused, enthusiastic dog for obedience competition.  From the beginning of heel work to understanding some basic skills required for CCD & CD levels.  Whether your interest is Rally or traditional obedience, this course is jam packed full of valuable training solutions!


$140.00 for 8 Weeks 

(Working Spot)

$80.00 for 8 Weeks

(Auditing Spot)


Loose Leash Walking & Household Manners

Working on those 'annoying' habits and nipping the skills and behaviours in the bud.


Getting your dog to find the value to walk beside you and be more responsive out and about. 


Want to stop your dog from jumping  up on others?  Perhaps you want your dog to stay off the couch?  This course addresses all of the day to day challenges we face with sharing our homes with our much loved pets. 


$140.00 for 8 Weeks 

(Working Spot)

$80.00 for 8 Weeks

(Auditing Spot)


Pre-Performance Foundation

Wanting to do performance sports with your dog?


 Undecided what?  This course is THE ULTIMATE introduction into a variety of fun and engaging performance sports!

Covering foundation skills, bond building, connecting with your dog as well as the basics for:


Obedience / Rally


Any performance field requires a rock solid foundation!  This course definitely provides just that!

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$140.00 for 8 Weeks

Puppy in Red Cushion

Crates are Great!

Is your dog driving you crazy as you work from home? Not leaving you alone, not settling outside or just staying in one spot? 

Have you thought about crate training in the past but have never really considered how to make it a FUN place that your dog races to?

At K9 Connect we love the appropriate use of a crate.  It's often a piece of the puzzle that's missing for most pet dogs - it is such an easy skill to teach and is also SO fun to help our dogs understand how to love the crate too.  Join our ONLINE class to find out more. 


$80.00 for 4 Weeks 

(Working Spot)

**Please note - this course is best delivered with our Racy Recalls component**

**This course is run with 3 x weeks of module learning followed by a 4th week of Q & A Live feed with your trainers**


Man's BF

Have you been struggling with your dog's start line at competition?  What better time to work on this than when there are no trials! 

Putting your dog's stays to the test, this course is IDEAL for anyone who wants a rock solid start line under ANY distraction! 

Taught by our wonderful ANKC Agility Judge Julija, we are sure this course will impress!


$140.00 for 8 Weeks 

(Working Spot)

$80.00 for 8 Weeks

(Auditing Spot)