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Advanced / Intermediate Training
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Whether you are looking for something new to try with your dog or you have completed the basics and want some extended training, K9 Connect have a variety of courses and workshops to offer. 

If you have completed our Starters Obedience or Puppy Connect courses then it is likely that you and your dog will be ready for our Intermediate level. If you are unsure, please speak to us to find out! 

Our Intermediate and Advanced classes are set at further developing your dogs skills.  From recall training, to a solid stay.  We are here to help you get your dogs training and obedience to a level that anyone will be proud of!


Perhaps you are looking for something a little different? 


Have you considered Performance dog sports? 

Are you pretty happy with your dogs skill level, but there are just 1-2 things you want to work on? 

Then our Performance classes, workshops and seminars may be just the fit! 

Our Workshops are either once off workshops, focusing on a specific skill (eg: Boisterous Dogs) or a 4 week course that will further delve into training skills (eg: Racy Recalls or Loose Leash Walking & Manners). 

What our trainers love most is sharing their knowledge with you!  So we also offer a variety of performance and advance focused specialist courses that are designed to test your skills (along with your dog) and further develop that bond and relationship. 

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